Debunking the Myths About Getting a New CRM for Your Investment Bank

With the right plan and platform, firms can dramatically decrease the costs of transitioning to a new CRM, while maximizing the return on their investment.

  • Most CRMs are built for a wide variety of use cases, which makes them expensive to integrate and difficult to use.
  • In contrast to a generic CRM, MadeMarket’s purpose-built CRM is the only CRM that’s designed around the unique needs of investment banking professionals.
  • With a more intuitive, ready-built platform, firms that switch are able to lower the costs of transitioning because it’s easier to set up and use while increasing their ROI over time.  

Myth: Transitioning to a new CRM is disruptive and expensive.

Getting this transition right comes down to two things: your plan and your platform. By giving your team enough time to clean your firm’s data before it’s migrated to the new platform while setting aside time to train your team so they’re ready to go when it’s set up, you can dramatically minimize the transition time.

Just as important, by phasing out your old system while transitioning workflows to the new platform in stages, you can make sure your team continues to have access to the tools and data they need without disruptions.

At MadeMarket, we’ve empowered over 150 investment banks like MTS Health Partners, Atlas Technology Group, and Imperial Capital in the US and around the world. We’ve also learned a lot about the challenges and best practices surrounding a firm’s transition from one system to another. From helping your team to prepare and migrate its data, to training dealmakers and building new features, our team’s unique capabilities help investment banks transition quickly and effectively.

Unlike MadeMarket, generic CRMs are built for a wide variety of use cases and often require a large amount of customized features. This process of customization is often time-consuming, costly, and complex.

With a more intuitive and ready-built platform, MadeMarket helps firms lower the costs of transitioning by making it easier to set up and train your team. In fact, with so many data and workflow tools ready-built around the unique needs of investment bankers, many firms often find they don’t need to build additional customized features.

Whenever you need to build on MadeMarket’s platform with a customized solution, our capital markets expertise helps us do it better. With the right balance of experience in tech and finance, our team knows how to build solutions around your unique needs better than most generic CRM providers.

More generally, MadeMarket also offers a variety of free tools and resources with helpful answers to an investment banker’s most important questions.

To learn more about best practices when transitioning from one system to another, read How to Maximize the ROI from Your Investment Bank’s New CRM

Myth: CRMs are difficult to use and don’t generate a large enough return on investment.

Once the platform is set up, all of these unique features that make transitioning to MadeMarket easy help to produce higher adoption rates and a greater return on your investment.

That’s because our platform is the only platform that’s uniquely designed around an investment banker’s data, relationships, and workflows to help you discover and close more deals, faster.

Looking at the workflow efficiencies alone, MadeMarket helps firms generate cost savings of around 5% of their annual revenue through a number of productive features.  

  • Users can send process emails like NDAs, teasers, CIMs, or destroy letters up to 20x faster with easy-to-search and build contact lists alongside advanced email campaign features.
  • By automatically logging deal updates through your email and calendar without having to open your CRM, teams can update their tracking logs up to 12X faster.
  • With one-click auto-generated client reports, users can build and share reports up to 15X faster.
  • Similarly, building a buyers list is easier too with contact and list-building tools that make it up to 10X faster.
  • Altogether, individual users like junior and mid-level bankers can save over 200 hours per year by making a variety of data, client research, outreach, and project management tasks up to 85% faster.
  • Altogether, the average firm that upgrades to MadeMarket can generate an ROI of roughly 3000% – calculate your ROI here.

With better data organized around faster workflows, MadeMarket helps firms expand their funnel and increase conversions to source and close one additional transaction per year for every 5 MDs or one per MD over 5 years.

In an increasingly competitive, data-driven business environment, personal connections alone aren't enough to keep deal teams from falling behind their tech-enabled competitors. While switching to a new platform is harder than keeping the one you have in the short term, over time, the costs of working with the wrong platform are much higher.

To learn more and explore what MadeMarket can do for you, connect with a member of our team to get started with a demo.

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