Meet the New MadeMarket

Our new product and brand is more forward-looking and easier to use than ever before.

Our mission at MadeMarket is to build the future of investment banking and capital markets by giving dealmakers the tools they need to succeed in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. With the launch of our newly designed product and brand, we’re taking the next big step in that journey, and we’re absolutely thrilled to share it all with you.

The next step in MadeMarket’s journey

Technology has become the greatest driver of change in business and finance, transforming the way people think and work while creating new opportunities for innovation and growth. In investment banking however, too many firms remain weighed down by the old tools of the status quo.

By relying on emails and spreadsheets alone to manage their deals, data, and workflows, teams often lose thousands of hours per year to a variety of needless inefficacies while seriously limiting their deal flow. Meanwhile, those with a generic CRM often find that the costs of using a platform that isn’t purpose-built add up quickly.

Ultimately, creating the best tools for investment bankers is about more than just saving time and money. It’s about helping them keep up in a rapidly changing marketplace while empowering them to optimize and grow their businesses.

Over the past several years, we’ve made incredible progress, establishing MadeMarket as the leading purpose-built platform for investment bankers. Building collaborative relationships with firms of all sizes in the U.S. and around the world, we’ve helped teams at firms like Imperial Capital, Dresner Partners, MTS Health Partners, and Atlas Technology Group innovate and grow with our purpose-built platform. But as always, we knew there was more room to grow, and after all this time, we wanted MadeMarket to reflect the vision and values we’ve developed along the way.

Why a new MadeMarket?

MadeMarket is a powerful product with a variety of intuitive features, but sometimes, the old design could make it seem a little harder to use. At the same time, the look and feel of the old brand wasn’t doing enough to communicate our unique vision and values.

The capital markets sector is dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-evolving. As we look to the future we want to build, this newest iteration of MadeMarket is a statement about the creative, modern, and innovative ethos that drives us.

While the general structure of our product remains the same, we’ve redesigned the interface to make it more streamlined, cohesive, and accessible, while better highlighting the variety of features we’ve recently developed.

Together with the updates to our brand, the new MadeMarket reflects our belief that the industry’s complex and demanding work requires more sophisticated, elegant solutions, and an openness to creative change.

Along with a series of friendlier and more approachable colors, our new brand also speaks to the idea that culture and a positive work experience are essential to remain competitive in a world that’s redefining work.

MadeMarket’s new product design empowers users with intuitive simplicity  

One of the first things you’ll notice about the new product is how much more open and streamlined it looks. By getting rid of unnecessary elements while designing a tighter organizational flow, MadeMarket’s new design makes the product feel lighter and easier to use.

At the same time, we’ve updated many of the product’s tabs, icons, and buttons with a more standardized logic to make the environment easier to navigate and engage. Along with a much brighter and more dynamic variety of colors, these changes speak to our ideals of transparency, elegance, and simplicity in ways that will have real impacts on our customers.

Beneath the surface, there’s a powerfully intelligent and complex system at work. But now, with MadeMarket’s more user-driven design, people and teams will be able to go further, faster, by working on a platform that simplifies complexity in intuitive ways.

Our new logo combines MadeMarket’s past with the industry’s future

MadeMarket’s new logo represents a sharp contrast to its old design while invoking the same vision and values that have inspired us from day one. From the start, the design’s six bars which represent financial graphs are also used to spell out MadeMarket’s initials. Centralizing our collaborative relationship with the capital markets and highlighting our purpose-built mission, this design also reflects our rigorously analytic and results-driven culture.

With its upward-moving line that disrupts, draws a path, and breaks through, this design also illustrates our ambition to raise the bar with a cutting-edge product that shifts our perception of what’s possible. Wrapped in a refreshing set of dynamic colors, MadeMarket’s new logo is a statement about the future of finance and what we’re doing to turn that vision into a reality.

MadeMarket’s new colors and fonts are a breath of fresh air

Our new color palette represents a bold refresh of the industry’s standard navy and gray. With lighter shades of blue and purple, plum, and peach, these new colors are designed to breathe some life back into our product, brand, and the industry.

Standing out confidently while being approachable and friendly, these colors speak to the kind of people we are and the way we relate to others. Elegantly casual and calm, MadeMarket’s new colors are also a statement about the future of work culture in finance. One that says, the future is bright.

Building on many of these themes, our new fonts Inter and The Future introduce sharper, tighter edges, with cleaner lines and more open shapes that feel lighter and bolder at the same time. In fact, we even increased many of the font sizes for text in our product, though because of these efficient designs, the product feels much more open and less dense.

Altogether, MadeMarket’s new design is about so much more than just a refresh. It’s the newest and truest statement of our vision and values that speaks to the kind of impact we want to have and the new generation of innovative, forward-thinking firms we want to empower.

We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished, and everything we’ve helped our clients to accomplish so far. Though, with this next step in our journey, we’re excited to say that the future looks ever brighter and that it’s going to be built by MadeMarket and its customers, together.

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